Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to School: Fall 2012 Trends

Well tell me if I am the only one, but after the crazy hot weather in southern California, I am totally ready to get into wearing my cozy Grandma-chic cardigans and high waisted pants with some of fall's new trends. This post is going to be limited to the runway shows but I will be carrying on with the rest of my "BTS" posts this week and next. Enjoy my beautiful readers!:) And don't forget to comment if you are ready for fall to be here already!

Trend: Ladylike
Who did it best? Oscar de la Renta
I don't know what it was about Oscar de la Renta this season (or every season for that matter) but I just adore every piece that came down the runway from him. Magnifique!

Trend: Head-to-Toe White
Who did it best? Derek Lam (far left picture)
I love the simple yet bold look of white on white. The monochromatic palette lengthens those of us who sit on the lower end of the height scale too!

Trend: Fur
Who did it best? BCBGMAXAZRIA
Personally I really like that rather than go all out fur coats like Michael Kors (although I absolutely adore that look), they did fur accents. By doing accents rather than big looks like giant fur coats, the trend is made a whole lot more wearable.

Trend: Military
Who did it best? Jason Wu
Does anyone else remember the terrible camouflage pants and jackets and shirts and hats and every other clothing item from way back when? I was only in elementary school when this trend was really popular but to this day I can't stand that trend. When I heard military was coming back for the fall season I did a double take and almost broke into tears (just kidding ;)) Anyways! I was pleasantly surprised to see this military look is very tailored. Much better than the tacky military patterns of the past!

Trend: Leather
Who did it best? Calvin Klein
Now don't think that just because Calvin Klein used mostly black leather means that you have to stick to this monochromatic palette to pull off the trend. Many other designers stuck with red leather as well. I'm not sure which I like more. I am leaning toward the red leather. It feels more fall to me. But to each his (or her!) own.

Trend: Metallics
Who did it best? Tom + Lorenzo
Ok just to clear the air, I would never be able to pull this trend off. Too much sparkle for me. I love being the center of attention (it is the Italian in me) but with this white skin and imperfect body I would not like the heavy metallics everywhere. Plus I like my bold pieces being jewelry, lace, or makeup. Just a personal thing. But for those of you who CAN pull this look off, more power to you! It looks so amazing on some people!

Trend: Pantsuits
Who did it best? Miu Miu
Now personally I don't have a job that involves me wearing pant suits. In fact I normally just show up to people's homes to watch their kids in high waisted shorts and a t-shirt or sweater (depending on the time and weather) and make sure nothing is broken and they give me a good report to their parents. Anyways that is beside the point. For those of you who are eager to venture outside the box at your 9-to-5 job this fall, I would recommend the printed pantsuit. It is such a fun twist on the gray or black pant suit and if you are worried about the weird looks, you can get them in not so out there patterns too. No need to worry:)

Trend: Pleats
Who did it best? Rebecca Taylor
I love pleats. That's all I can say. Maybe it's cause I have been wearing them in my uniform since 5th grade. But then again that would make most people hate them. I don't know! Originally I was afraid to wear them because with my petite but curvy figure, I thought I would be overwhelmed and looked bigger than I was. But I was pleasantly surprised. So I encourage everyone to try them out!!! I love how Rebecca Taylor did the sheer panelling. It is sexy but subtle (ooh lala;))

Trend: Peplums
Who did it best? Jason Wu (second from the left)
Two homeruns for Jason Wu! I love the way he makes it so ladylike and pretty! Ladylike trends like these (and the ones I mentioned above) are always my favorites. And this trend is definitely the most figure flattering for every body type. It emphasizes the curves of those well endowed and adds curves to those who aren't. This one makes it into my top 2 favorite trends of this fall and winter.

Trend: Oversized Coats
Who did it best? Who even knows...
I'm sorry for mentioning this trend and even more sorry if you really love this trend. No hate I promise! But I just do not understand this trend, except for the models who wear exaggerated trends like these every time they walk down the runway. This trend is not figure flattering and just seems overwhelming. Call me crazy but I like defining my lady qualities and keep the loose fitting, large clothing items to the nuns (I'm allowed to say that! I have more nuns as friends than I would like to admit).

Well I hope that this was helpful to all you fabulous fashion mavens!!! Keep checking up for more updates:) Have a wonderful week!


Monday, August 27, 2012

Goodbye Summer

Some of my summer memories: choir concert, younger brother's graduation, 1D concert

My best friend Natalie (top left), cleaning out my binders (left middle), my friend's sweet sixteen (left bottom), photo shoot (right)

Going to the park with my best guy friend (top left), spending $30 on socks at Forever21 (top right), VBS set up day (bottom)

Well today marks the last day of freedom from my fabulous private school education. School officially starts tomorrow and then I get to have a good old time studying for all my english tests on the multiple books I had to read over the summer. Alas, it was incredibly exciting seeing everyone at orientation today! I always miss everyone's beautiful faces. I will be posting some back to school ideas this upcoming week. Varying from ways to accessorize a school uniform to my favorite nail polishes of summer and fall! Check back soon my lovelies!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hey dolls! I'm Giovanna! I'm a junior in high school and I'd like to think that I've got an eye for fashion! My journey hasn't been as long as others, seeing as many girls used to watch their mommy apply makeup or get all dolled up for a date out with her hubby. That doesn't mean that my mom never got dolled up, it just means I never cared enough to pay attention! I was the absolute tomboy. I didn't even care how I looked until about the 6th grade. When that finally occurred, I took a page out of my sister's goth style book and twisted it into a bright, punkish "hardcore" Panic! At the Disco-esque style that normally centered around neon pants and tee shirts. As my style developed many times and I grew up I have found that I am actually quite the girly girl! My style ranges from hipster to romantic. My favorite trend right now in fact is peplums, oxfords (I have 7 pairs now!), and collars. I'm so excited to hopefully be an inspiration or help out the newbies and experts. God knows I needed it! And still need it often! I can't wait to know you all better! Enjoy! <3