Monday, August 27, 2012

Goodbye Summer

Some of my summer memories: choir concert, younger brother's graduation, 1D concert

My best friend Natalie (top left), cleaning out my binders (left middle), my friend's sweet sixteen (left bottom), photo shoot (right)

Going to the park with my best guy friend (top left), spending $30 on socks at Forever21 (top right), VBS set up day (bottom)

Well today marks the last day of freedom from my fabulous private school education. School officially starts tomorrow and then I get to have a good old time studying for all my english tests on the multiple books I had to read over the summer. Alas, it was incredibly exciting seeing everyone at orientation today! I always miss everyone's beautiful faces. I will be posting some back to school ideas this upcoming week. Varying from ways to accessorize a school uniform to my favorite nail polishes of summer and fall! Check back soon my lovelies!


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