Saturday, September 1, 2012

August Favorites

Happy September dearies!
I don't know about you but with school starting and the temperatures getting higher and higher, I am ready for the weekend. Here are a couple of my favorites for the month! Enjoy!

Favorite Makeup Look: Lips! I am obsessed with pink lip colors. Revlon's "Temptress" (shown below) was my all time favorite this month and I think it will be for a while. I wore it everyday (minus 4 or 5 days when I felt like switching it up). Personally, I can't pull off the sultry smokey eye so when all else fails, PLAY UP YOUR LIPS! Works every time;)

Favorite Accessory: My Geneva watch. For sure. I wasn't in the market for one of Michael Kors' Rose Gold watches because they were too high over my budget and I like spending a little on a lot, rather than a lot on a little. I took this picture before I went to mass, hence the cross bracelet and saint bracelet too! But I did normally where the cross and watch together, even when I wasn't on my way to mass.
Cross bracelet: thrifted, Geneva Watch: eBay, Saint Bracelet: your local Catholic bookstore

 Favorite Memory: Being there to drop off my litte brother at the train station so that he could start his first day of high school at his new art school!

Favorite Hair: Top Knots. This summer has been blazing. In fact yesterday was picture day at my school and I was so not used to having my hair down all day and I literally had to sit on my hands so that I wouldn't put my hair up into a bun. I also really like putting bows on the back of my top knots. Sometimes I put smaller bows on the frontish side area. If that makes sense...

Favorite Sight: I loved being able to look out my window at those clear California summer skies. So beautiful. My backyard isn't exactly scenic and I wished I could have gotten a prettier picture of the beach or something but I didn't quite have any at my disposal (I try not to pull out my phone at the beach! Too sandy!) Anyways, although I am eagerly awaiting fall, I will miss seeing and feeling the sun all the time. 

Favorite Memory/Laugh: Ok so maybe many of you will think this is just odd, but I got a cat recently because my last cat died:'(. Now the girl in the picture is my best friend and her name is Natalie and she loves imitating Dixie (my new cat). So this was her best impression and if I might add she does a fabulous job!

Favorite Advice: Number One: Who wouldn't take advice from the beautiful Darren Criss? I still believe that I'm "Not Alone" because of A Very Potter Musical (that's right. I have been his fan from the beginning). Number Two: This advice is actually really true. I have found that the best friends I have (that I actually like almost 100% of the time) are the ones that like me almost 100% of the time too! I mean granted, we can all be buttheads sometimes...but honestly I would rather get into a genuine fight with someone that I absolutely adore and love as a friend that I know that I can be myself around, then tread lightly around someone to make sure that they still like me and have to map out every action and word I have!!! The main gist..."Be Yourself!" (cheesy right? I never said I wouldn't be!)

Favorite Feeling: Finally cleaning my room. So does anyone else have a mom that is constantly nagging because you won't clean your room? Well this girl does. And yesterday while my mom was taking a nap I decided to clean my room to make her happy. That and because I wanted to be able to go to our first football game of the year. But whatever, details, details. When it came down to it, I love the way my room looks when its clean and I feel super feminine and even a bit regal. Good feelings, good feelings.

Anyways that is it for today! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of September!!!


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