Monday, September 10, 2012

NYFW: Spring/Summer 2013 Favorites (so far...)

Hello dolls! So I have been eagerly procrastinating on my homework so that I could look at all the collections from NYFW. Obviously it is far from being over. In fact there are lots more designers to go! However, after finding my favorite collections so far yesterday I thought I would do a post about it.

Kate Spade
Bows. AHHHHHH!!! I am so obsessed with bows. I loved Kate Spade's collections. Most of the model's looks from the others designers I was able to collage and put together my favorites from the collections but I had to get a pre-put together one for Kate Spade. 

Rebecca Taylor
I love dresses. And pastels. And blue. And denim. This basically summed up her entire collection for Spring/Summer. Well done Rebecca Taylor...well done.

Lela Rose
I loved the dresses (obviously!) from Lela Rose. We are talking lots of feminine silhouettes, bright colors, floral patters (of's spring after all), and the mirror patterns. I used to not like those. But I don't's kinda growing on me. I have always been really excited for the fall fashions and I can't wait but now I am rethinking how I feel about which season is my favorite. However on the other hand, fall really is the most fashionable season.

Diane Furstenberg
I feel like this collection is really great for those girls who are tall and limber. It is filled with relaxed silhouettes and jumpsuits. There are also lots of low necklines. I personally really like this collection. The outfits look really great on the models but I feel like it will transition well into the regular people of the world too. But worry not! I won't be because I am too short and I can't afford it. But remember just pay attention to the trends! Not the designer.

Tracy Reese
Patterns Galore! I wouldn't wear anything in this collection or any of the trends, however I do love all of them. I love the brightness and slouchier, more relaxed silhouettes. My favorite is the dress on the left. 

Zac Posen
Oh. My. Gosh. I am obsessed. Ladylike silhouettes? Pastels? Florals? Tulle? Is there anything bad about this collection? The answer is NO! This is by far my favorite collection and for sure my favorite designer. ALL THE TIME. It's the best and I encourage all of you to research Mr. Posen. He is fab!

Jason Wu
Okay so technically this is makeup. But whatever. It's basic and vintage looking and I love the full lashes and the full brows. I definitely enjoy bold lips rather than bold eyes. It looks more clean to me. And definitely more of a fashion statement.

Woohoo! I love me some NYFW!!! I hope you all enjoyed! Have a fabulous Monday my lovelies!!!


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